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Peele’s facility for precise timing and uncanny atmospherics indicates a filmmaker who's absorbed the work of the genre masters and applied the lessons therein to fresh, stimulating purposes. more

Feb 22, 2017 4:02 PM Movie Reviews


Photograph by Dale Robinette

As the first position Executive Producer for the audience and critical favorite, Beugg has come a long way from the days when he left a job in energy and environmental policy in Washington, D.C. to move to Hollywood and make movies. more

Feb 21, 2017 2:42 PM Movie Reviews

They don’t make them like this anymore, and never did make them with such darkling extravagance. more

Feb 17, 2017 8:55 AM Movie Reviews

Young viewers will doubtlessly groove on The Lego Batman Movie’s madcap energy, but the film’s model viewer is an adult Batman aficionado who's followed the hero through countless comic, television, and cinematic iterations. more

Feb 9, 2017 1:27 PM Movie Reviews

Raoul Peck’s new Oscar-nominated feature about author James Baldwin is not a biographical documentary in the usual sense. more

Feb 2, 2017 3:56 AM Movie Reviews


February 23, 2017


February 24, 2017

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