Why is St. Louis Destroying the Last Remnants of its Irish History?



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Another Failure of St. Louis Leadership

Everyday I root for St. Louis -- particularly the City -- to progress and prosper. Much of the time that is a futile exercise and here is another tragic example. This travesty can be laid at the feet of the Ciy, the Archdiocese and De Lasalle Academy. Arcane and bizarre City ordinances left this historic building unprotected. The Archdiocese apparently was to busy undermining the Girl Scouts to protect its own heritage and that of several constituencies of City residents. De Lasalle Academy, which apparently suffers from vision impairment, could not find another vacant lot to develop in a sea of abandonment without destroying an historical landmark. Fie on all of them. Sometimes you merit your misfortune.

Richard Patton more than 1 year ago

The Irish

The arrival of the Irish sped the change of the public language from French to English. It would be sad if these last remnants went the way of the Clemens' homes, the Mill Valley neighborhood where a teenaged Josephine Baker danced in front of the Booker T. Washington Theater, and in recent years, the bar where Stagger Lee raised hell.

Anne-Marie O'Connor more than 1 year ago


It's nowhere near collapsing. What they're "supposed" to do, if they have any conscience or pride in St. Louis and its remarkable history and beautiful architecture, is to make some sort of effort to repurpose the church or sell it to someone who will, rather than defaulting to demolition. It's as if nobody in St. Louis can fathom that old buildings can be reused. Visit Boston or Washington DC, for example, and get some perspective.

Adam more than 1 year ago

St louis historical buildings.

Are they supposed to let sit there until it collapses, like Bethlehem Lutheran did last year. They built way too many of these places in the first place and St Louis is broke.

phil more than 1 year ago


June 29, 2017


June 30, 2017


July 4, 2017

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