A Tour of St. Elizabeth's Academy, as it Preps for a New Era



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St. Elizabeth Gymnasium

I'm so pleased that The International Institute is moving in to St. Elizabeth! My grandfather (Gustel R. Kiewitt) designed the gymnasium Lamella roof and my mother and I were worried about it's fate. When I was in the building in June of 2012 I saw that St. Elizabeth had installed a suspended ceiling in the gym. When I asked someone why the response was that "the ceiling was too tall to be practical for basketball and volleyball.". That was interesting as that was why the Lamella roof structure was chosen for the space- to provide a tall, uninterrupted span for indoor sports. I really hope that The International Institute will remove the suspended ceiling and expose the beautiful structure again!

Melanie Mollman Hancock more than 2 years ago


June 29, 2017


June 30, 2017


July 4, 2017

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