A More Perfect Soulard Mardi Gras: Seven Unasked-For Suggestions, Suggested



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More about Creativity and less about Booze

I would like to see this done more like New Orleans w the sticking to the traditional music of the Bayou and Foods and more from the local places in Soulard itself and less tents. ENOUGH w the tents already noone wants to drive hours from other states and go to a what seems to be wedding reception. I'd like to see the Muny and Fox get involved and have local talent and actors make this better. This should be all local artists and it should be blues and bayou music. The floats should be more artistic not just some thrown together wagons. If its not over the top it shouldnt get in the parade period. I'd like to see the Fox put in charge of this whole event honestly I think they could put together something amazing. Also the Cardinals could toss some money and have some floats that toss out team shirts and gear. People come from other cities for this event so we need to make this more tourist friendly and show them what the city is about. Needs to be all local !!!!

Sara more than 1 year ago


Please have the folks parking in the adjacent neighborhoods not empty the trash contents of their car and/or leave their bottles, cans and attempted sobering up food wrappers in people's yards.

Fred more than 1 year ago

mardi gras camera operator

As the guy who built that camera, and road it all over the streets that day, I must say thank you for the shout out. I make the trip to St. Louis every year from the Florida Keys to join my crewe in this parade, this being my 22nd trip back up north for this party event, and my 26th St. Louis Mardi Gras over all I couldn't agree with this article more. But may I add number 8? There should be no corporate floats, how many radio station and cell phone carrier vans does one parade need? And no more repeat floats. Some of those floats haven't changed a bit in years, boring. But thank you again.

Michael Quirk more than 1 year ago

^ Bravo!

Michael Quirk: you, sir, are my hero.

Thomas more than 1 year ago


June 29, 2017


June 30, 2017


July 4, 2017

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