June 11, 2014

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Awful, awful, awful service. Mediocre food

It was only a matter of time. Brazillian steakhouses are my favorite restraunts, but this failed in many ways. We had terrible service all three times we went there. Almost laughingly bad. I actually had to look for hidden cameras to see if we were on a hidden camera show. Food was mediocre at best.

Ryan 68 days ago

My family will miss the delicious food, fun atmosphere, and our favorite server Randy.

We are sad to hear our favorite restaurant has closed. We loved your restaurant. Randy was an awesome server making our meal fun and enjoyable with his clever wit and jokes. We will miss you.

Rebecca Hardigree 144 days ago

will miss the place

I definitely agree. Randy was the man. Me and my business partner went there twice this year. Randy was our server. He pretty much was the reason we went back there the 2nd time. We requested him as our server. Nice gentleman who was very knowledgeable.

justice 137 days ago

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