June 12, 2014

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This was once my favorite restaurant. Once Steve Gontram left, however, it was never the same. The article mentioned the talented alumni who had worked at Harvest in the past and I wondered if they ust had a hard time replacing them. After Steve Gontram left, I went back a number of times, and the previous quality just wasn't there. There where still the complicated layered dishes, piled high where still there, but the flavors didn't seem to go together. After my girlfriend sent back some bad mussels, a dish that had always been one of their best, this was the last straw.Despite what the owner says, no matter how many new dining options spring up, if you consistantly put out a great product, people will be loyal. The sad closing what was once my favorite restaurant, is just another example of how achieving greatness is much easier than maintaining greatness

David Childers 207 days ago


Great piece, George! This place was will always be a part of my personal life stories.

Leonard 273 days ago


We are very sad the Harvest has closed. The first time we met out wonderful daughter-in-law was at Harvest. We held their rehearsal dinner at Harvest and they have had the tradition of celebrating each of their anniversaries there. It was always our "go to" restaurant when entertaining and Steve was always there! The bread pudding was always our dessert, along with a ruby port. Many, many wonderful memories there. St. Louis is not the same without it.

Judy 280 days ago
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