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Photograph by Thomas Crone

Seven Questions with Musician and Visual Artist Eric Lysaght

As a visual artist as well as musician, Lysaght tackles our first ever two-fer, tackling both sets of questions (which, it’s true, do bear some striking similarities!). But ever the trooper, Lysaght banged out both sets. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Visual Arts

Fostering Community Through Art and a (Public Media) Common Ground

Saturday night, the The 9,000 square-foot Public Media Commons opened in Grand Center. Built to be a high-tech version of Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner in London, it'll also host arts events galore. more »

Sep 15, 2014 Visual Arts

Ken Wood pulling an oversized print at Pele Prints

Photograph courtesy of Ken Wood

Seven Questions with Printmaker (and Professor) Ken Wood

Wood has not one, but two exhibits opening this weekend: one at Space, the other in Kansas City. more »

Sep 4, 2014 Visual Arts

Photograph by Thomas Crone

Pilgrimage to the Floodwall: Paint Louis 2014

By all accounts, this past weekend’s Paint Louis took place without a hitch. more »

Sep 2, 2014 Visual Arts

Health care researchers have discovered that the average homeless adult suffers from 8 or 9 concurrent medical conditions, including respiratory infections, dental decay, vision problems, STDs, psychological trauma, and a number of skin disorders.

Photograph by Jerry Tovo

The Good Fight

Photographer Jerry Tovo’s They May Have Been Heroes: The Homeless Veterans Project tells the stories of the men and women who served our country—and then ended up on the streets. more »

Aug 22, 2014 Visual Arts


September 18, 2014


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