LouFest 2014: The Guide

For this year's LouFest, we talked to pretty much every band on the docket, including Cake, Alanna Royale, Matt & Kim, Trombone Shorty, and The Districts. We've rounded up all of our coverage in one convenient place, too.

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The Trip to Italy: Coogan and Brydon Are Living La Dolce Vita

If the prospect of dueling Michael Caine imitations amid picture postcard scenery sounds charming, you may find this film to be the perfect and unassuming late-summer diversion. more »

Aug 29, 2014 Movie Reviews

Photograph courtesy of Mark Wallace

Seven Questions with Bassist Mark Wallace

A busy type, bassist Mark Wallace splits his musical time among three projects: Tommy Halloran’s Guerrilla Swing, Mt. Thelonious, and Adonis Blue. more »

Aug 28, 2014 Music

Photograph by Byron Kerman

Lawn Job: The Roadside Adventure of Dan’s Emerald Forest

Dan’s Emerald Forest is an elaborate model-railroad layout in the front yard of Overland landscaper/rehabber Dan Schmidt. We paid a visit, and took lotsa pictures. more »

Aug 27, 2014 Travel

Oak Grove Mausoleum, 7800 St Charles Rock Road

Photograph by Chris Naffziger

Touring the Necropolis: St. Charles Rock Road's Historic Cemeteries

A look at Valhalla, Lake Charles, and Oak Grove Cemeteries. more »

Aug 27, 2014 History

LouFest 2014: Empires

Empires are tried and true Chicago rockers. more »

Aug 26, 2014 Music


September 1, 2014


September 2, 2014


September 3, 2014


September 4, 2014


September 5, 2014


September 6, 2014


September 7, 2014

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