"Turn Left at the Blinking Light," by Mark Fisher

Psst… We Got Books

Here’s a list of cool books published in the last year or so by local authors. If you’re the sort of freak or rebel who reads books, you might dig them.

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Cold Comfort—"Antarctica: A Year on Ice" at the Webster Film Series

As its title suggests, Antarctica: A Year On Ice chronicles 12 months among the few thousand resolute souls who make their living on the planet’s least understood and most inhospitable continent. more »

Jul 17, 2014 Movie Reviews (1 Comments)

The Veruca Salt Rock Concert Experience, As Told In Three Acts

They played the hits (a slightly-goofed intro to “Volcano Girls” allowed for an unexpected crowd sing-along) and the deeper album cuts, like “Forsythia” and “25,” which was given a full, feedback-drenched treatment during the four-song encore. more »

Jul 16, 2014 Music

Courtesy of Nasty Little Man

Jack White's Lazaretto Tour Rolls into the Fox This Sunday

The rococo setting of the Fox will make a great setting for whatever White’s got up his sleeve. At press time, “very few tickets remain” for the show. Get 'em while you can. more »

Jul 16, 2014 Music

Night shot of the blue-border howler.

Thomas Crone

Homage to the Painted Monkeys of South City

Who has painted these howler monkeys on the back of a Southside warehouse? And why? A psychogeographical investigation. more »

Jul 15, 2014 Visual Arts


July 22, 2014


July 23, 2014


July 24, 2014


July 25, 2014


July 26, 2014


July 27, 2014


July 28, 2014

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