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Panchan with Panache: Asian Kitchen in U City Come for the panchan, stay for the other 67 menu items offered.

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Wine, Whiskey and Dones: Strange Trap Donuts Expands the Empire Strange Donuts now has an outlet in the CWE.

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The Most Common Exercise Pitfalls and How to Make the Most of Your Workouts You go to the gym everyday, yet the scale hasn’t budged. It’s understandable that you’re both frustrated and surprised. Here are the most common exercise pitfalls and three ways to make the most of your workout.

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The Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend in St. Louis: November 21–23 This weekend, enjoy the start of the holiday season, celebrate sportsmanship at The Musial Awards, and sing along to Motown favorites.

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Seven Questions with Bassist Theodore “Teddy” Brookins Brookings gigs regularly with Steve Ewing, Brothers Lazaroff, Jesse Gannon’s The Truth and Samba Bom. He also pinch-hits for a host of other groups, a solid, first-call choice for acts that run across funk, soul, rock, Americana and more.

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The Real Deal: An Interview with Documentarian Doug Pray Pray's new film, "Levitated Mass," screens this Sunday at the St. Louis International Film Festival, which is bestowing the filmmaker with this year's Contemporary Cinema Award.

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Byron's Bits: Jilly's + Kaldi's, Buck Up at Tuck's, All Night Chow in the CWE SLM contributor Byron Kerman with some ice cream scoopage, booze news, and where to get a reuben at 3 a. m.

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10 Winter-Weather Safety Tips You Should Know With freezing temperatures and more precipitation expected, remind yourself of the following safety tips when you're out on the road and at home.

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All-Purpose Gravy and a Couple of Thanksgiving Sides This is a really good all-purpose gravy whose taste can be altered by what stock and wine are used.

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Design Alert: Angela Staehling Above all else, we absolutely love to ballyhoo local talent. And it’s certainly not hard to shout the praises of local artist, Angela Staehling.

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On the Market: Grand Living in Huntleigh Built in 1931, this 6,000-square-foot mansion in Huntleigh is set on a 4.9-acre lot complete with a pond with a fountain and a keyhole-shaped pool.

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Pilgrim's Progress: A Look at Two Remarkable St. Louis Shrines Long a center of the Roman Catholic Church in America, the city possesses numerous pilgrimage destinations located within a short drive of the city. Here are two of the more interesting, both in terms of architecture and notoriety.

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Cashing Out for Crohn’s & Colitis Casino Night The Mid-America chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America hosted the second-annual Cashing Out for Crohn’s & Colitis Casino Night that included casino games, auctions, and raffles.

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STAGES Annual Applause Gala The STAGES annual Applause Gala featured the talents of St. Louis native Lisa Rothauser and Grammy-nominee Tor Hyams, along with Jack Lane, presenting an evening of Broadway standards and songs from the upcoming 2015 season.

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Ask Sam: Choosing a Stylish and Comfortable Thanksgiving Outfit Q: With Thanksgiving coming up next week, what should I wear that will keep me looking fun and festive while allowing me to stay comfortable as I enjoy the obligatory Thanksgiving feast?

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The St. Louis International Film Festival Wraps With Music, Food, and Awards Did you miss last weekend’s sold-out screenings of Foxcatcher at St. Louis International Film Festival? Well, most people did, so you’re not alone. But don’t worry: The illustrious festival wraps its 23rd iteration with plenty more...

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Table Talk with Chef Aaron Baggett Chef Aaron Bagget created a one-of-a-kind menu at EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery that paired perfectly with Stella Artois, Leffe, Goose Island Lolita, Stella Artois Cidre, Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine, Spaten Optimator, Matilda, & Hoegaarden.

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9 St. Louis Schools Ranked in the Top 10 Public High Schools in Missouri Earlier this week, Niche, a school rankings and reviews site, released its 2015 list of the best public high schools in Missouri and the U.S.

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Fragile Porcelain Mice Ready Themselves for A Reborn Thanksgiving Tradition After nearly three years of no live work, the core lineup of Fragile Porcelain Mice will return for its traditional Thanksgiving night show, in the venue that’s been home for a several, recent-vintage FPM gigs, Pop’s.

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Missouri Politics: Attorney General Chris Koster Under Scrutiny and A Look At Future Political Races The 2014 mid-term elections are just a fortnight in the past, but the politicking for 2016 has already started. The clock is ticking on Tim Jones’ tenure as speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives...

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Hunting for a New Take on Cooking a Turkey? Try the Orion Cooker A new turkey cooker and where to get fresh turkeys in St. Louis for Thanksgiving 2014.

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Mercy Health Opens Mercy Kids Mid Rivers in Cottleville The facility is Mercy Health's first outpatient center for kids in its entire four-state operation and is the first hospital of its kind in St. Charles County.

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Talking to Josh Arnold, St. Louis Native and Co-writer and Star of “The Impersonators” We chatted with the comedian, writer, and St. Louis native (whom you may know better from his much-loved "Bob and Tom Show") about his new film, which opens tonight at SLIFF.

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JDRF Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour Guests enjoyed a self-guided tour of 11 magnificent kitchens with stunning design and décor and sampled tasty treats from celebrated local restaurants and caterers at each stop. Proceeds from the kitchen tour benefited JDRF.

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Ollie Hinkle: I ❤ Food & Wine Guests experienced an afternoon of fun, food, drinks, and philanthropy at this extraordinary culinary event that featured St. Louis’ most renowned chefs and samples of more than 200 premier wines and beers from top local brewers.

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Dr. Thornberry, Family Vet and German shepherd Whisperer As Crosby and I near the vet clinic, she begins to pace the back seat of my car. When I turn in, she begins to cry. I understand her concern. Crosby is a nine-year-old German shepherd and she doesn’t like the vet any more than I like the ob/gyn. However, like all good moms, I religiously keep her annual appointment. It wasn’t always like this. In the beginning, she was fine with the vet visit. Then she got spayed and ripped her staples and stitches out, causing a double infection. We met every vet in the clinic until we could get her well. Most of the vets she tolerates. Although we have learned and it’s written in her chart, we double muzzle her for everyone’s safety. The one vet she seems to like is Dr. Kent Thornberry, whom I call the German shepherd whisperer.

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“The Liberator” at SLIFF 2014: A Glorious Revolutionary Avelo and St. Louis native screenwriter Timothy J. Sexton are plainly focused on creating a Latin American version of that cinematic chestnut, the Oscar-bait historical prestige epic.

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Modern STL Releases Gateway Arch Prints and T-shirts as Part of its “Icons of St. Louis Modernism” Series The Arch is the latest in a series of six designs, which have included Lambert Terminal, Priory Chapel, the Midtown Saucer, Lewis and Clark Branch Library and residential architecture of Ralph Fournier.

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Be There in Five. Hopefully In the best of times, I am not all that timely. In the chaos of family life, my time management skills have simply been stressed to the limit. I have none. I am always five minutes behind myself. I am forever texting whomever I am meeting, “running late. Be there in five!” I have thought long and hard about this trying to conquer it in many ways. When my kids were little I understood that I would never get out of the house without being slimed unless I got everyone else ready and then worked on myself…always five minutes late.

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No Wrinkles, All Sprinkles: Big Fun at Sweetology’s Cupcake Laboratory Raven and Lestat had been planning their wedding so very carefully. The hearse, the spooky organ music, and even the black confetti – every detail had been considered to make their goth nuptials both chilling and meaningful.

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Whiskey in the Winter: A Guide to the Eight Golden Ticket Whiskeys Eight premium whiskeys will be featured as part of the "Golden Ticket" at Whiskey in the Winter, an event being held on November 22 in St. Louis, Mo.

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Ask George: Is there an optimum number of items for a restaurant menu? SLM's Dining Editor George Mahe discusses big menus vs. small.

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Hair Trend Alert: The Half-Up Topknot It’s ballerina bun meets mermaid hair. The half-up topknot is the ‘do of the season thanks to fashion bloggers and celebs sporting the style from the red carpet to Instagram.

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Table of Contents (December 2014) COVER FEATURE

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From the Editor: Culinary Comfort Between politics and protests, it’s been a tumultuous fall in St. Louis. And some weather forecasters are predicting a trying winter. If ever there were a time for comfort food, this is it. After all, nothing soothes frayed nerves and warms cold...

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Drone-Photography Company Launches in St. Louis Using hand-held controllers, a TV monitor, and a gimbal that lets them move and manipulate their cameras, they began shooting photos and video of local landmarks from fresh vantage points.

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Big Bend Railroad Club Keeps on Chugging The O-scale diesel engine hums down the track, pulling a parade of freight cars across the countryside, over rolling hills, past lush stands of trees. It passes a mine, a Harley-Davidson dealership, and a meatpacking plant.

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Wattage and Wonder Sure, holiday light displays might strain the power grid and burn some extra fossil fuels, but there’s just something magical, something truly and honestly special, about the look on a child’s face as he or she marvels at these shining scenes.

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What It's Like to Be a Champion Showboarder Tom Boldt didn’t learn to snowboard in St. Louis. But at some point during family vacations in Colorado, the kid got good.

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Fashion Trend: Holidays on Ice Embellished items make a strong statement this holiday season.

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Stylish Destinations: What's New in New York A look at eight boutiques worth a visit

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Tower Grove Park Director John Karel Says Farewell Tower Grove Park director John Karel has overseen the transformation of the city’s second-largest park from neglect to restored 19th-century splendor. After 27 years on the job, Karel, who retires this month, offers some perspective.

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Inspiration: Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin The CEO of digital creative firm B/C Designers blends style and strategy.

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First View: The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis Ballroom Hotel ballrooms are generally remembered more for dinners dished out to the masses than for their superior design notes. Things are done differently at The Ritz, though.

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Shopping Spots: Niche After creating its own niche, this store thrives downtown.

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Now Open: St. Louis Holiday Historic House Tour and St. Charles Christmas Traditions Nothing brings out the fa-la-la of the holidays like picturing the season during the Victorian era.

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At the Movies There’s no need to go out when there’s a theater at home.

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Fashion Q&A: Bespoke Brotherhood These twins’ bespoke touches go beyond the cuff.

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The Land That Frontenac Forgot A mobile-home park’s not what you expect to find here.

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