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Table Talk with Chef Adam Gnau, October 21 Chef Adam Gnau created a one-of-a-kind menu at Acero that paired perfectly with Stella Artois, 312 Urban Pale Ale, Matilda, Goose Island Oktoberfest, and Muddy Imperial Stout.

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Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup Easily made, this soup is perfect for our fall and winter weather. Serve it with a hearty bread and salad and dinner is on the table in no time.

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Design Alert: Reimagined Wing Chairs The traditional wing chair found in a zillion country clubs and in front of even more fireplaces has taken a rather snazzy turn.

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On the Market: 1939 Kirkwood Colonial Revival Home for Sale Set back on the corner of Kirkwood Road and East Essex, this white brick beauty is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Culture Vulture: Ira Glass and Dancers, The St. Louis Jewish Book Festival, and Jim the Wonder Dog Ira Glass will not be kicking up his heels and dancing at the Edison Theater in about a week. He will be there, however, sharing stories in the beloved style of his This American Life radio show, and those stories will be limned by limbs, so to speak.

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Four Ways to Improve Your Sleep Habits (And Lose Weight While You're At It) Move over, diet and exercise. There’s a new weight loss strategy on the scene, and it is so easy, you can do it in your sleep.

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The Katherine Dunham Museum: Saving the Legacy of a True Renaissance Woman The term “Renaissance Man” is a cliché term nowadays. But every so often, a man, or in this case, a great woman, comes along who very much deserves that title: Katherine Dunham, who devoted much of the last four decades of her life to East St. Louis.

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The Top 10 Halloween Events in St. Louis Once upon a time, little kids got to have all the fun for Halloween. No longer! Here are 10 worthy ways to spend the scariest of holidays...

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Coming (really) Soon... Sugarfire Pies in Olivette Sugarfire Pies should open at 9200 Olive in Olivette within the week.

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Get Your Dress for (A Lot) Less at Wedding Gallery's Upcoming Gown Sale Looking for a gorgeous bridal gown on a budget? Make plans to stop by local bridal boutique the Wedding Gallery's St. Louis and St. Charles locations for a giant gown sale this Friday through Sunday.

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Mike Jones Says the Math Might Not Add Up For St. Louis County Executive Candidate Steve Stenger Mike Jones, County Executive Charlie Dooley’s senior political adviser, will most likely be out of a job when the next County Executive is sworn in. But Jones thinks it will be Republican candidate Rick Stream selecting a new cabinet...

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Saint Louis Fashion Fund Gala St. Louis stylemakers came together at Union Station for the inaugural Saint Louis Fashion Fund Gala. Fashion editor Derek Blasberg and supermodel Karlie Kloss were honored for their contributions.

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Red Velvet Ball, October 18 The internationally acclaimed piano sensation Lang Lang joined the STL Symphony and David Robertson to perform Tchaikovsky’s triumphant Piano Concerto No. 1 at the Red Velvet Ball.

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A Lament for Dead Bars: A List of Twenty-One The following list is one person’s list-and-lament for a variety of nightspots in the city of St. Louis. While far from a comprehensive list, it serves as a reminder that many of our favorite haunts come with an expiration date.

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St. Louis Physician Developing Phone App to Screen Patients for Eye Diseases Todd Margolis, new head of the Washington University School of Medicine's ophthalmology and visual sciences department, is pioneering a phone app that uses image-recognition software to screen patients for eye diseases.

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Trivia 4 Josh, October 18 Nearly 600 people gathered at CBC High School for a first-class trivia event in honor of Joshua M. Seidel, raising money for the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation.

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Dark and Delicious in the West End: The Saint Louis Arts Alliance's "Black Angels" This multi-genre feast for the senses is built around an ancient tale told through avant-garde chamber music, fashion, dance, poetry, architecture and inspired food and wine.

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Très Noticias: San Jose Mexican Restaurante Takes La Cantina Space, Lücha Opens Across From Fox, Felix’s Pizza Pub Moves Across Street To Latitude 26 Signs went up in the windows at 35 N. Gore in Webster Groves (the former La Cantina restaurant) early this week announcing the second location of San Jose Mexican Restaurante. The flagship restaurant, located at 9570 Watson in Crestwood, serves inexpensive Tex-Mex fare across a wide-ranging menu. A representative for San Jose said to expect an opening by year’s end. 

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Byron's Bits: Beery Good Truffles, Red-L is Tops, Bombay Heads Indoors SLM contributor Byron Kerman locates limited truffles, investigates some unusual pizza toppings, and learns how the Bombay Food Junkies food truck will escape the cold.

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First A couple of suggestions on how to be a happier mom.

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Showoff: The Peacock Loop Diner Shakes a Tail Feather Joe Edwards' flashy Peacock Loop Diner is now open on the Delmar Loop in University City.

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Ask George: If I send back an overcooked/undercooked hamburger, what should I expect to happen? The answer is not as simple as “you’ll get another hamburger.” And like a hamburger, the resolution can come several different ways.

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Saint Louis Football Club Gears Up for First Season In May, when it was announced that a new professional soccer team would be formed in St. Louis, local fans rejoiced. Dale Schilly, who will serve as Saint Louis Football Club’s first coach, got busy...

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From the Editor: Winter 2014 This is an ode to the bathtub. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve walked into that didn’t have one. The homeowners said that they weren’t “bath” people; they preferred showers...

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Upfront: A Perfectly Pristine Kitchen The goal for this perfectly pristine kitchen was to make it “clean, uncluttered, and easy to maintain,” says Dana Romeis of Castle Design. “It also utilizes the latest in all kinds of technology.”...

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Five and Done: Short Ribs Whip up this dish to take the chill out of a winter night.

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Hometown Star: Cabinetmaker Derek Centrobi At 14, Derek Centorbi began helping his grandfather with his kitchen-remodel business. In college, he worked part-time building cabinets for a small shop. “I learned both sides, different aspects,” he says. “I decided there’s no better time...

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Home Improvement Tricks of the Trade Whether you’re overhauling your space or just doing a touchup, jump back into the classroom first.

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A Bit of Sparkle: Jeweled Sinks Jeweled sinks create a showstopper for your bathroom.

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Wash and Ware Could there be anything more luxe, more catered to the comfort-seeker, than a toilet that flips its own seat? Actually, yes. A toilet that also sings. Or rather, pipes gentle music from, it seems, somewhere deep in the bowl...

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A Lovely Loo A simple bath turns sensational with the right accoutrements

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Umpteen Shades of Gray In the kitchen and bath, traditional style gains new sophistication with handcrafted details in the year’s hottest neutral color, glamorous polished finishes, smart and sleek cabinets, and low-maintenance surfaces...

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On the Scene: Granite City You may not realize it, but you’re already familiar with the work of Graniterra. You’ve seen it at the western entrance of The Chase Park Plaza, along the bartop at Bricktops in Frontenac...

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Inside Kohler Like so many major developments in history, it all began with a romance. A traveling salesman from Chicago, John Michael Kohler, was in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, working his territory when he met—and lost his heart to—Lillie Vollrath, a local beauty...

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Cool Kitchens and Beautiful Baths in St. Louis These remodeling projects resulted in spectacular rooms.

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Splurge or Save? Kitchens and baths are big business—to the tune of $130 billion spent on remodeling projects last year, according to data by the U.S. Census Bureau. While homeowners, armed with shelter magazines and sites like and

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Get the Look: The Midkiff's Home Not many of us have kitchen quite this right—or this white—but it is possible to replicate the style with a few key items.

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Nice Save A family transfers here from D.C. and dives headfirst into a major reclamation project.

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St. Louis Kitchen and Bath Resources Cabinets, countertops, faucets, fixtures, flooring, and more

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Personal Space: The Half Bath Tucked under stairs or down a hall, the powder room’s the door your guests should open and gasp or giggle—not because they chanced upon an occupant, but because you’ve cut your imagination loose. “Nothing goes together,” warns Susan Block....

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From the Editor: Signs of Change On a September afternoon, in the weeks after Officer Darren Wilson shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, a dozen protesters gathered across from the Ferguson Police Department, where a news van sat nearby...

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Head for The Hill Rio Vitale’s grandparents came to the U.S. from Sicily. His parents lived in downtown’s Little Italy, and he was baptized on The Hill in 1958 by Monsignor Salvatore Polizzi, his cousin and a local icon.

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Behind the Scenes of "Dating Naked" There are a lot of butts on VH1’s Dating Naked. All the other private parts are there, too, jiggling around for viewers to ogle, but they’re digitally fuzzed out, which leaves us with butts.

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Rick Skwiot’s New Novel Hits Close to Home Writer (and frequent SLM contributor) Rick Skwiot’s new book, Fail, is set in St. Louis, and the Mississippi river runs, dark and ominous, through its pages. At the heart of the back story is a white cop who shot and killed an unarmed black man.

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Table of Contents (November 2014) COVER FEATURE

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Tim Dolan: St. Louis’ Most Influential Cardinal Two red hats sit on a table near the front door of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s residence in New York, where he serves as archbishop. One represents his position within the church; the other, his favorite baseball team.

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Prosper Boosts Women-Led Startups In 2012, the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report first assessed 25 cities’ growth of women-owned firms. St. Louis ranked dead last. Jennifer Ehlen, a vice president of Thompson Street Capital Partners, read the report and swung into action.

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What It's Like to Manage the Rams' Equipment Jim Lake has worked for the Rams for the last 29 years. He started in L.A., shagging footballs at practice, and as of four years ago, he became the team’s head equipment manager. Which player has the dirtiest laundry?

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Fashion Trend: Red-Hot Red Accessorize with the season’s hottest color.

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