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The Best of Everything

We wondered whom you considered the best source for everything for the home. From 532 readers’ votes, we now know who are the area’s 101 very best.

Illustrations: Carrie Hartman

Sure, some storeowners brazenly boasted about their own enterprises’ merits, and some families and friends organized to support their beloved’s talents. But we also heard objective details on craftsmen who had eluded us. We were thrilled to be introduced. And if what we considered a crucial category was overlooked, we offered up our own opinions as an editors’ pick. Enjoy. Keep this list for years to come. It’ll come in handy.




Readers’ Pick: R. Ege Antiques, 1304 Sydney, 314-773-8500,

“The best ‘non’-antiques available in St. Louis. Wonderful merchandising and enjoyable staff.” “Every visit is an adventure. The range of items boggles the mind—and makes it nearly impossible to leave empty-handed.”


Editors’ Pick: Jules L. Pass Antiques, 9916 Clayton, 314-991-1522

If you fancy beautiful antiques from eras past, the best place in this city is unquestionably Jules L. Pass Antiques. The shop is filled with fine furniture and accessories that Mr. Pass gathers overseas. The trick is to visit when shipments arrive. Once those crates are unpacked, people flock to buy their contents.


Antique Mall

Readers’ Pick: Warson Woods Antique Gallery, 10091 Manchester, 314-909-0123,

“They have it all! Classy and not dirty.” “They’re definitely the best in town.”


Runner-Up: The Tivoli Antique Company, 121 W. St. Louis, Lebanon, Ill., 618-537-4365

“It is one of the most unique shopping experience in the St. Louis area. The owners are avid hunters of unique and quirky antiques and authentic reproductions for the shop.”


Readers’ Pick: Ferguson Enterprises, 17895 Chesterfield Airport Road, 636-519-7299,

“Tami [Miller] is phenomenal at selling you what fits your lifestyle. She has a background in kitchen design and is well-known in St. Louis. She works mainly off referrals. Her integrity and style keep everyone coming back for more. Her knowledge of kitchen, bath, and lighting is awesome. She is top-notch!”




Readers’ Pick: Space LLC, 3130 Sutton, 314-647-2020,

“Just fantastic work. Original, fresh ideas.” “Quality of work, farsighted vision, creativity, superb customer relations.” “Space is great at designing modern, cutting-edge spaces within constraints, resulting in projects that’re some of the leading contemporary projects in the region.” “They’re phenomenal.” “Cool, creative design for a reasonable price. Nice folks, too!” “Great style…excellent architects.” “Consistent quality of work that always surprises.” “They do outstanding work!” “They seem to balance simplicity and detail into comfortable designs.” “Love their ideas and design work.” “I haven't seen design as delicate as theirs. In a falling economy, Space has stood up and claimed its status as No. 1.” “They did a helluva job designing and building my restaurant lounge...EXO!” “Consistent quality work with a great professional attitude and approach.” “Great work!” “Space recently designed a 42,000-square-foot office building for us that is efficient, well-designed, and very user-friendly.” “Quality of work, farsighted vision, creativity, superb customer relations.” “Just fantastic work. Original, fresh ideas.” “Love their designs.” “The level of innovation provided is unmatched, and they have the ability to collaborate with their clients from start to finish on every project.” “Their ideas are current, not remakes of past ideas.” “Awesome and innovative design!” “I have seen their work, and really like the thought and attention to detail that goes into it.” “Creative genius, fusion of architecture and craft, fun to work with—what's not to like?” “Very unique designs.” “They use unique products in their designs.” “Space did the pergola in my backyard—everyone raves about it and wants to know who did it. Very different! Awesome!” “It's the best darn architectural studio in town, with wonderful professionals and designers at the helm. Space designed a 43,000-square-foot office facility for my firm. As investors, we couldn't have been happier with their contemporary yet timeless design; as developers, we were extremely impressed with their efficiency, engineering ingenuity, and overall value.” “They have innovative ideas and provide tremendous value-added service for clients.” “Great style... excellent architects!” “Innovative.” “They do an awesome job with unusual designs.” 

Runner-Up: Studio|Durham, 1856 Menard, 314-664-4575,

“Have you seen the Terrace View Café at downtown's new Citygarden?”

Runner-Up: Lawrence Group, 319 N. Fourth, Ste. 1000, 314-231-5700,

“Talented group of people.” “Great listening skills.” “Creative, passionate leaders in their field. Great execution of downtown renovation projects.”

Runner-Up: Mitchell Wall & Associates, 2 The Pines, 314-576-5888,

“Mitchell Wall recently completed the contemporary penthouse suite at The Crescent for Debi and Mark Mehlman. The result is clean-lined, yet warm and inviting.” “One reason: They're awesome!” “They do a great job in a timely manner.” “They have an uncanny ability to transform what the client wants on paper, they're dedicated to professionalism, and they're easy to work with.” “The team at Mitchell Wall shows innovation and flexibility in its ability to design and deliver the best aesthetic outcome in the most efficient and comprehensive manner.” “They are great!” “Mitchell Wall incorporates the best of classic style and current state-of-the-art green technology.” “Beautiful designs, great work.” “High integrity, excellent design.” “They do amazing work! My family has personally used them.” “Superb design and service” “Fantastic designs. Experienced staff. Impressive, local designs. Friendly service. The firm gives conservative St. Louis a cutting edge.” “They do superior work and are easy to work with. Great final product.”

Runner-Up: Niche, 300 N. Broadway, 314-621-8131,

Runner-Up: Cannon Design, 1100 Clark, 314-241-6250,

Runner-Up: Architextures, 7905 Big Bend, 314-961-9500,

“Great eye for details; they understand the client's budget.”

Runner-Up: Blue Boat Designs, 1607 Washington, 314-241-8998,

“They have a different style that no one else in St. Louis does.”


Readers’ Pick: Mitchell Wall & Associates, 2 The Pines, 314-576-5888,

“The team at Mitchell Wall shows innovation and flexibility in its ability to design and deliver the best aesthetic outcome in the most efficient and comprehensive manner.” “They have an uncanny ability to transform what the client wants onto paper.” “They do superior work and are easy to work with. Great final product.” “They are fabulous to work with!” “They do a great job in a timely manner.” “Superior design and service.” “They are great.” “High integrity, excellent design.” “Mitchell Wall has long and vast experience in traditional residential architecture, with projects in place throughout the St. Louis area. True to historic precedent, Mitchell Wall provides cutting-edge and green homes while maintaining traditional aesthetics.” “Quality client service.” “Beautiful designs, great work.” “They do amazing work! My family has personally used them.” 

Runner-Up: Lawrence Group, 319 N. Fourth, Ste. 1000, 314-231-5700,

“This studio is responsible for local traditional gems like the Jeffersonian-design Enclave Bellerive.”

Runner-Up: Fendler + Associates, 5201 Pattison, 314-664-7725,

“Paul Fendler and his staff consistently deliver beautiful projects. They are masters of blending old work with new, whether it be a historic addition or a more contemporary remodel. Fendler is client-friendly at all levels, professional, and leaves no detail of a project overlooked.”

Runner-Up: Dick Busch Architects, 16678 Chesterfield Airport Road, 636-530-7787,

“Outstanding work.”

Runner-Up: Gunn & Smith Architects, 6244 Clayton Avenue, 314-644-3150,

“The entire team is wonderful to work with. You will make a friend when you hire Gunn & Smith. Their work is second to none.”

Runner-Up: Lauren Strutman Architects, 16676 Old Chesterfield, 636-537-0880,

Architectural Remnants

Readers’ Pick: Fellenz Antiques, 439 N. Euclid, 314-367-0214

“You want an old door, an old mantel, vintage hardware, a vintage window? Go here. Just leave your good clothes at home. It’s dusty in there.”



For Investment

Readers’ Pick: William Shearburn Gallery, 4735 McPherson, 314-367-8020,

“From local artists to blue-chip New Yorkers and internationals, William has it all.”

Runner-Up: S&J Collectibles, 1 Campbell Plaza, 314-645-7575

“The best-kept secret in St. Louis. Extremely customer-oriented, with a wide variety to choose from and an emphasis on sports.” “I only found out about them through a friend. What an amazing place that truly caters to the customer. There is an emphasis on sports from several artists.”

Runner-Up: Kodner Gallery, 9650 Clayton Road, 314-993-4477,


Readers’ Pick: Deck the Walls, 119 West County Center, 314-966- 6965,

“Great variety of artwork wellframed at a reasonable price.” “Great selection, best prices, knowledgeable staff.” “I like their store and selections, and their computerized program for choosing prints.”


Art Restoration

Editors’ Pick: McCaughen & Burr, 19 N. Gore, 314-961-7786,

Established in 1840, McCaughen & Burr is expensive. No argument there. But if a painting has value that you dare not endanger, there are few better. Owner Scott Kerr and crew can bring a painting flawed and filthy back from oblivion.


Auction House

Readers’ Pick: Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers, 7447 Forsyth, 314- 726-5515,

“You want a deal? Find out when the next auction is at Ivey-Selkirk. Particularly right now, in this lousy economy, people are putting great stuff up for sale. I bought an 18thcentury table for a song.” “I’ve found so many wonderful pieces there that I’ve lost count.”



Editors’ Pick: Jefferson Tent and Awning Co., 2930 Gravois, 314-776-0162,

Since 1898, Jefferson Tent and Awning has been the place to get some shade from St. Louis’ scorching summer sun. Lately we’ve seen more retractable awnings constructed for decks and patios, and we know where they got ’em.



Editors’ Pick: Premier Plumbing, 11618 Page Service, 314-872-9339,

If you want a bathtub that’ll leave you breathless, you need to head out to the Interior Design Center of St. Louis and ferret out Premier. Some of the tubs are the size of small boats. The choices are many; the staff is very helpful.


Boarding Kennel

Readers’ Pick: Cedar Valley Kennels, 10901 Marshall, Dittmer, 636-274-2275

“Accommodating. Have pickup and delivery; great with dogs; very clean. Large dog runs, inside and out. Airconditioned and heated. Dogs have access to outside run 24/7.” “Dogs love it. I love knowing my pets are well-cared for.” (Full disclosure: AT HOME’s editor is related to the kennel owner, but she was not involved in this nomination.)



Readers’ Pick: Boa Construction, 8417 Chapin Industrial, 314-524-0203,

“Boa is a company that provides the highest level of quality and service at very competitive prices.” “A notch above the rest!” “They are awesome and green.” “The best of the best, no doubt. They do not compromise quality for price.” “They have done several additions and improvements for us through the years, and it is the only time I have wanted to give a construction manager a gift at the end of a project.”



Readers’ Pick: Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry, 2366 Schuetz, 314-994-7111,

“Beautiful showroom with exquisite custom cabinetry. Skilled designers. Fun to work with.” “Great work— and service.” “They did a great job on my kitchen and my bathroom.” “Always takes care of details.” “The cabinets are custom-made with exceptional and functional detail.”


Carpet Cleaner

Readers’ Pick: True Clean Carpet, 9845 St. Charles Rock Road, 314-427-9500,

“Does an amazing job. The owner is hands-on and very customerservice oriented. Uses special water, with no soapy residue, so it’s a unique process.”



Readers’ Pick: Steven Becker Fine Dining, 3701 Lindell, 314- 367-4848,

“Whenever I go to a party and I see the SBFD insignia, I know I’m in for a treat. The food is always creative and delicious.” “Their pastries are to die for! Everything is so fresh. He always serves wonderful food, and the presentation is gorgeous.”


Chandelier Store

Editors’ Pick: Jon’ Paul Designs & Collectibles, 7014 Clayton, 314- 645-2722,

Sometimes the shopkeeper alone warrants a visit. This one can charm the skin off a snake. But once in the store, look up. Crystal chandeliers dazzle with light. It’s hard to leave without finding one that’ll fit perfectly in your foyer, living room, bedroom—even closet.


Chimney Sweep

Editors’ Pick: English Sweep, West County, 636-391- 2226; St. Charles County, 636-925-2305; St. Louis, 314-645- 6496; North County, 314-838-0442,

Before you light that fire and fretfully watch flames flicker from the flue, may we suggest you call the chaps at English Sweep? Not only do they clean out your chimney, they’ll also happily do the same for your air ducts and dryer vents.


Cleaning Service

Editors’ Pick: The Maids, 1528 S. Big Bend, 314-645-4015,

After checking with friends and colleagues, the consensus is clear: The Maids are the best. And yes, they’re not cheap, but when you want your house to sparkle from the chandelier to the cellar, they’re well worth the investment.


Clock Repair

Readers’ Pick: Timekeepers, 17 N. Meramec, 314-721-4548; 9495 Olive, 314-991-0994,

“Love them. And they have all that jewelry to tempt you as well.”


Closet Design

Readers’ Pick: Saint Louis Closet Company, 2626 S. Big Bend, 314-781-9000,

“They go above and beyond to make you happy!” “Totally reliable. They don’t leave until you’re happy. They write thank-you notes.”




Readers’ Pick: Stone Fabricators Inc., 4084 Bingham, 314-776-7776,

“They are hands down the very best stoneworkers in St. Louis. Their quality and attention to detail is unrivaled. They do what they say they’re gonna do, and they get it right the first time. All with a smile and professionalism.”


Readers’ Pick: CK Designs, 3021 Locust, 314-772-6471,

“High-quality work with creative ideas.”


Editors’ Pick: Graniterra, 1551 S. Kingshighway, 314-533-3366,

We loved the company when it was called European Tile and Marble, and we still love it in its new incarnation. We are especially fond of the fact that we can browse through its castoffs in the back.


Curtain Fabrication

Readers’ Pick: Room Service Fabrics, 3062 Winghaven, 636- 561-0847,

“Made draperies for my whole house at very reasonable prices, and the results are beautiful! Lots and lots of compliments.” “They are very creative; the workmanship is superb. This place really makes your home spectacular and energyefficient, too.” “Chris [Leach] and her team are experienced with draperies and other fabrics. She has done my entire home, and I love it all.” “Very helpful and courteous. Great selection.”


Dry Cleaner

Curtains, Bedspreads

Editors’ Pick: Morgenthaler’s Drapery Cleaners, 7227 Southwest, 314-647-0234,

Yep. You’re right. We always pick Morgenthaler’s for cleaning our drapes, comforters, and bedspreads. But they are the best. We have tried others, and the results have not been as great. Frankly, anyone who can make a 15-year-old bedspread look like new gets our vote.


Readers’ Pick: Pleats, 13275 Manchester, 314-779-0171,

“Environmentally friendly. Classic-retro aesthetics. Friendly people work there, and they will go the extra mile on service (e.g., replace a missing button).” “Drop off your favorite sweater, and with the help of a discreet, heat-sealed sticker, every time you bring it back, they’ll know when it’s been in their store and how you like it cleaned.”


Deck Builder

Readers’ Pick: Birk Home Improvement, 2212 Central Parkway, 314-830-0429

“Extremely talented and hardworking father/son team!”



Readers’ Pick: Born Electric, 6265 U.S. Highway 61/67, Imperial, 636-461-2400

“Kevin and Vern Born have redefined what customer satisfaction means in a trade where others often fall short. They can handle any electric job, no matter the size.”


Fabrics, Designer

Editors’ Pick: T. Rohan Interiors, 7310 Manchester, 314- 647-7400,

The hardest thing when decorating your home on your own is tracking down resources available only to designers. Just try finding the finest lines in fabrics. Your only shot without a designer at your side is to go to T. Rohan in Maplewood, walk upstairs, and start shopping the samples. You can place an order through the shop. It’s the biggest fabric library open to the public in the city.



Readers’ Pick: Chesterfield Fence & Deck Co., 18614 Olive, 636-532-4054,

“Neat staff, quality material, and a lifetime guarantee.” “Easy to work with. Reliable. Came right out when I called.”


Floor Refinisher

Readers’ Pick: Land Floor Co., 10930 Galt Industrial, 314-429-0073

“Bill Land does such an excellent job with my hardwood floors! Neat, clean, and beautiful.”


Flooring Source

Readers’ Pick: Champion Floor, 2298 Grissom, 314-739-2555,

“Champion Floor raises the bar for quality, know-how, and customer service in the flooring industry. They provide a gorgeous product that they proudly stand behind. Champion does whatever it takes to please the clients.”

Readers’ Pick: ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings, 1641 Larkin Williams, 636-717-1177,

“Amazing showroom with every type of flooring. Open to the trade only but well worth going with your designer, builder, or real-estate agent!”




Editors’ Pick: Historic Floor Company, 16630 Chesterfield Airport, 636-536-4500,

Building a new house you’d prefer to look, well, worn? Want wide planks beneath your feet that have the veneer of history? Then you want to call Steve Lauer at Historic Floor Company. With hardwoods taken from the Mark Twain National Forest, they produce historically correct wood floors—right down to the hand-cut square nails they use to install them.


Floral Designer

Fresh Flowers

Readers’ Pick: Bloomin’ Buckets, 9844 Manchester, 314- 961-4040,

“Wonderful designs, fresh flowers, and awesome customer service!” “I’ve never been disappointed. Every arrangement Barb [Wehking] has done has been gorgeous.”

Readers’ Pick: Scott Hepper, Carriage House Florals at Diane Breckenridge Interiors, 501 S. Lindbergh, 314-727-2323,

(Editor’s note: When the votes were cast, Mr. Hepper was still at Straub’s. Now he’s teamed up with Diane Breckenridge Interiors.) “I never go to anyone’s house for dinner without going by Straub’s first to get one of Scott’s arrangements.” “His flowers are amazing.” “I love his work. So creative. So different. So divine.”

Faux Flowers

Readers’ Pick: twigs & MOSS, 7715 Clayton, 314-454-0447

“In terms of arrangements that are gorgeous months—if not years—after originally designed, I don’t think you can beat twigs & MOSS.” “Resito Pecson is an artist. Everything he does is simply amazing.” “I love Resito’s work because it is so striking. I’ve used him for fresh flowers as well as long-lasting arrangements. Everyone compliments me on them all the time.”



Readers’ Pick: Deck the Walls, 119 West County Center, 314-966- 6965,

“Artistic, out-of-the-frame thinkers!” “They listen to your needs, give great suggestions, and get the job done quickly.” “Framing material and workmanship was remarkable.” “Shari Miskov has excellent customerservice skills. She went out of her way to frame and deliver a project to me in Kansas City!”




Readers’ Pick: City Sprouts, 6354 Delmar, 314-726-9611,

“They pay attention to design.” “They carry simple, modern, and really cool baby and kids’ furniture. Many of the lines they offer have products that will grow with your baby, such as Stokke and Oeuf.”


Readers’ Pick: Classic Woodworking Inc., 9524 S. Broadway, 314-544-0121,

“I love this place. Dave [Hutchinson] and his crew do a great job.” “I designed it; they built it; I love it.”

French Country

Editors’ Pick: Three French Hens, 16935 Manchester, 636-458- 8033,

Jeanie Hood’s voluminous shop, Three French Hens, is packed to the rafters with all those pieces that conjure up Provence in midsummer. But if your look runs a bit more to the rustic side, she can meet your furniture and accessories needs there as well.

Gently Used

Editors’ Pick: Little Shop Around the Corner, 4474 Castleman, 314-577-0891,

We love contributing to a great cause. It happens simultaneously every time we step into Little Shop Around the Corner, a resale shop whose proceeds go straight into the coffers of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Families all across town donate households’ worth of belongings here—and while the prices aren’t cheap, great deals are to be had.

Great Deals

Readers’ Pick: Weekends Only, nine locations,

“For furniture that’s really cheap but totally solid, there’s no place better. I nominate this chain under Great Furniture at a Discount. I don’t see that category listed, but it should be.” “I needed a sofa fast. This was the place. Service was great, I had plenty to pick from, and they delivered it in a hurry.” “I don’t mind waiting until the weekend when the deals are this amazing.”


Editors’ Pick: Rod Glass Furniture, 12706 Wynfield Pines, 314-822-4000

Brand-name retailers may not be Rod Glass’ biggest fans, but cashstrapped homeowners go gaga for him. Show him a catalog or magazine tear sheet featuring a to-die-for piece of furniture, and Mr. Glass will find a quality, nearly identical piece— and sell it to you at wholesale price. One source outfitted her daughter’s entire bedroom with pretty much a straight knockoff of Pottery Barn. By appointment only.


Readers’ Pick: CENTRO Modern Furnishings, 4727 McPherson, 314-454-0111,

“This is the best source for modern furniture and plumbing and lighting fixtures in St. Louis.” “CENTRO’s products are cutting-edge on an international scale.” “Todd Lannom and Ginny Stewart are among a small handful of completely professional and personable proprietors.”

Modern European

Readers’ Pick: House of Denmark, 12910 Olive, 314-878-4800; 11960 Tesson Ferry, 314-843-3400,

“This is one of the greatest selections of modern European furniture in town, brought in by owners who truly know the business. They were doing it years before others popped up.”


Readers’ Pick: Seasonal Concepts, 14121 Manchester, 636-227-4044,

“They have the best furniture at decent prices, and everything is great quality.” “They have great outdoor furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoor use.” “Available here: outstanding style, quality, and price, and a wide range of choices.” “The company offers quality furniture and winter storage.”


Shabby Chic

Editors’ Pick: The White Rabbit, 9241 Manchester, 314-963-9784,

After this wonderful shop suffered through the flood in 2008, it picked itself up and moved to higher ground—down and across the street. The merchandise remained the same; now there’s just more of it. And if you’re a devotee of design diva Rachel Ashwell, The White Rabbit is your nirvana. Aside from great furniture, the store is packed with wonderful gifts—and some fabulous sales.


Readers’ Pick: Expressions Custom Furniture, 7817 Clayton, 314-567-6200

“There is nothing they won’t do for you. They have zillions of fabrics to choose from, so every piece you order is custom. Also, the store has great sales.” “They get my vote for the best because of the large selection of beautiful fabrics.”

Furniture Repair

Readers’ Pick: Custom Furniture Works, 6727 Manchester, 314-644-0460,

“This place will do anything you want, and the result is amazing. We took some furniture to them that looked awful; now it’s awesome!” “They refinished a table, and it looks better than when it was built.”


Garage Organizer

Readers’ Pick: PremierGarage, 744 Spirit of St. Louis, 636-728- 0333,

“You cannot beat them for the quality of the products and their commitment to service.” “They provide excellent customer service, exceptional products at a great value, and peace of mind.” “My garage looks like a showroom.” We now have the most awesome 6-car garage… It’s the nicest room in the house by far!” “The staff goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. They’re just a wonderful company that I recommend to everyone.”


Garden Supplies

Readers’ Pick: The Gifted Gardener, 8935 Manchester, 314- 961-1985,

“The store has a truly unique selection of gifts, garden items, and furniture, all situated uniquely in such a small, quaint space. Inventory varies widely from season to season.” “It has everything for the garden (and porch and patio and even den).”


Gas Logs

Editors’ Pick: Laclede Gas, 708 Olive, 314-621-6960,

When we tossed out logs, ashes, and matches for the easy alternative, we just called the gas company. They came out within the week; the service was great, the product perfect; and while they were there, they double-checked to be sure the entire house was safe from leaks. It was a very reassuring gesture.



Readers’ Pick: The Empty Nest, 21 N. Gore, 314-961-3900,

“This is absolutely the best of the best for gifts. The service is fantastic, the sales wonderful, and I always find the perfect present.” “Love the store, love the owner, love the loot. It’s the best.” “The store is staffed with the nicest people.”


Gravel Supplier

Readers’ Pick: Marshall’s Nursery & Garden Center, 1501 San Simeon, 636-343-4701

“We couldn’t really afford to have our driveway paved, so we opted for gravel. Not only did Marshall’s empty the truck wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow (due to overhead electrical wires), they refunded me the money for the gravel not used. Since I wasn’t home at the time, I would never have known.”



Readers’ Pick: Bowood Farms, 4605 Olive, 314-454-6868,

“Great selection, beautiful displays, unique urban setting.” “Where else can you go to get wonderful, healthy plants and a great meal at the same time?”



Readers’ Pick: Ken’s Handyman Service, 8088 Glen Arbor, 636-484-0026

“Ken [Brown] is very customeroriented. He does great work and is reliable.”


Holiday Décor

Readers’ Pick: Seasonal Concepts, 14121 Manchester, 636-227-4404,

“They’re all about seasonal décor and providing the perfect accessories to make your home look special for all the holidays.” “Their collection of holiday decorations is not only great, but also competitively priced.”


Home Accessories

Readers’ Pick: The Designing Block, 7735 Clayton, 314-721- 4224,

“Susan Block has excellent taste, with an eye toward excitement and a bit of whimsy.” “Although I now live in Savannah, Ga., I remain a loyal customer of The Designing Block.” “Susan’s store is the only one in town where you can find one-ofa- kind, smashing-looking accent pieces that really make your home fun and pleasing to the eye.”


Home Staging

Readers’ Pick: Cary & Company, 314-609-2357,

“They’re excellent; I use them for every home I sell.” “Cary Baumann is easy to work with and does a great job.” “Not only did I sell my house faster than anticipated, but I was also able to get nearly $8,000 over asking price. In this housing market, that says a lot!”


Interior Designer 


Readers’ Pick: Dana Romeis, Fibercations, 609 Eastgate, 314-721-9237

“Not only is owner Dana Romeis a master of texture, color, and finishes, she also has a professional staff of designers to keep all of the balls in the air.” “She has an amazing sense of style.”


Readers’ Pick: Diane Breckenridge, 501 S. Lindbergh, 314-727-2323,

“With their new boutique that opened this year, they have a large selection of unique and beautiful furniture available instantly.” “Customer service is simply the best!” “It’s a wonderful shop all the way around, and their customer service is outstanding.”


Readers’ Pick: Kim Taylor Interior Design, 9832 Meadow Fern, 314-610- 7288,

“Kim does exceptional work, exemplifies professionalism, is easy to work with, and goes the extra mile.” “Kim Taylor is extremely talented, professional, and affordable. She makes high-quality design accessible to normal people. Her projects run smoothly, and her balance of professionalism and a delightful personality make working with her a joy.”



Editors’ Pick: LeLu Metalcraft & Patio Shop, 13200 Manchester, 314-966-6195

There really isn’t much that LeLu can’t fashion for you out of iron. We’ve strolled through houses with dog (and, dare we say, baby) gates created by LeLu. One homeowner hired them to create new iron side rails to convert a small antique bed frame into a queen-sized one. It’s also a great place to get both outdoor fire pits and fireplace doors.


Kitchen and Bath Design

Readers’ Pick: Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry, 2366 Schuetz, 314-994-7111,

“I have viewed the results of several satisfied clients, and it all looks just like it came out of AT HOME magazine!” “Mark Dysart at Marc Christian is a phenomenal designer, is extremely professional, and can provide a variety of options at multiple price points.”


Landscape Designer

Readers’ Pick: Poynter Landscape & Construction, 15815 Jedberg, 636-256-2600,

“Poynter does it all—and I do mean all. We had them plan our garden, put in our pool, install the outdoor kitchen.” “The best. It’s one-stop shopping with Poynter. They installed our walkways.” “Great company.”


Landscape Maintenance

Readers’ Pick: Metropolitan Forestry Services, 502 Old State, 636- 394-6597,

“Trustworthy, knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable.” “Your trees cannot be entrusted into better hands.” “They know everything about trees.”


Landscaping Boulders and Stones

Editors’ Pick: Kirkwood Material Supply, 2701 Barrett Station, 314-966-4840,

If you’re looking for boulders to blop into your garden or stones to step upon, you want to give Kirkwood Material a buzz. They stock everything from flagstones to veneers, the staff is exceedingly helpful, and thankfully, they deliver. Promptly.


Lighting Designer

Editors’ Pick: McKelvie Lighting Design, 1306 S. Geyer, 314-822- 7114,

Ken McKelvie can brighten everything from landscapes to living rooms. Meticulous—and pricey—he creates a design to put the entire house in its best light. We believe he’s put that master’s in lighting from the University of Oregon School of Architecture to very good use.


Lighting Repair

Editors’ Pick: Kalb Electric Co., 2711 S. Big Bend, 314-645-0272

Being in business for a century means there is probably not a fixture or chandelier created that Kalb can’t bring back to light. While the shop is a bit chaotic, the workmanship is solid.



Readers’ Pick: Amelia’s, 17041 Baxter, 636-728-0455

“For sweet dreams on really, really great sheets, this is where you want to go. The linens are luxurious and simply divine.”

Readers’ Pick: Sallie Home, 9821 Clayton, 314-567-7883,

“The best!” “I love this store. Everything is so beautiful. Not cheap, but well worth the investment. I used to have to fly to New York to find linens this lovely.”



Readers’ Pick: Meyer Bedding, 4801 Potomac, 314-481-6620

“This small, locally owned business in south St. Louis makes lasting beds in-house and provides great service— and bed delivery is included!”



Readers’ Pick: Architectural Millwork of St. Louis, 8417 Chapin Industrial, 314-524-0602,

“AMSL’s staffers are the most knowledgeable in town and always looking for innovative solutions to client problems. They’re a leader in the green movement within the millwork industry.” “Flawless reputation.” “Exquisite work.”



Readers’ Pick: The Initial Design, 25 N. Gore, 314-968-8300

“Every job is perfect. And The Initial Design has special monogram designs.” “They’re the best, because the monograms are always perfect, the price of the item includes the monogram, and everything is done in a week. What’s not to love?”



Readers’ Pick: International Mulch Co., 1 Mulch, 314-336-1030,

“They recycle tire retreads and have the best colors available, providing an excellent product for play areas, paths, and garden spaces.”


One-Stop Shopping for Your Home

Readers’ Pick: Ambassador Floor Company/For the Home, 17770 Chesterfield Airport Road, 636-898- 1500,

“I know this isn’t a listed category, but I wanted to be sure that you included For the Home in the best list because it is the best. You can get everything here, from flooring to carpet to furniture to lighting to appliances. It really is a great—and cost-saving—way to go.”



Readers’ Pick: Simplified Living Solutions, 12430 Tesson Ferry, 314- 221-5232,

“[Sue Anderson]’s unbelievably efficient and reasonable. She simply gets the job done.” “They are dependable, reliable, ethical, etc.” “They provide caring, professional service with excellent recommendations.”


Paint Store

Readers’ Pick: Strothkamp’s, 14390 Manchester, 636-227-5225,

“Everyone in the store is extremely helpful; the selections are great. They have Pratt & Lambert paint, as well as Benjamin Moore.”




Readers’ Pick: MVG Painting & Decorating, 1325 Woodfield Manor, 314-965-4576,

Founded in 1976, MVG’s employees have become “family painters.” Grandfathers recommend them to their children, who pass MVG’s name on to next generations.


Readers’ Pick: Rice Painting Co., 19 W. Moody, 314-961-3988,

“This is the best interior painting company in the area.” “The city’s best designers won’t use anyone else.”


Readers’ Pick: J.T. Pitts Painting, 314-367-4796

“With impeccable quality, attention to detail, and client service, John Pitts and his crew are old-world craftsmen who love what they do and set the bar for others in the trade.”


Pest Control

Readers’ Pick: Terminix, 12015 Manchester, 314-984-8744,

“They’re reliable. I’ve used this company at two different residences.”


Plantation Shutters

Readers’ Pick: Overland Shade Co., 8231 Midland, 314-427-5191; 5911 Suemandy, 636-477-8500,

“I have used them for plantation shutters for my entire house. There’s never a concern; they do a perfect job every time.”



Readers’ Pick: Service Plumbing & Heating Co., 358 Rosedale, 314-280- 5178

“They’ve helped me out of many a leaky jam. They’re efficient, and professional.”


Pool Maintenance

Readers’ Pick: Wizard Swimming Pool Service, 12 Hawks Nest Plaza, 636-916-0100, 314-521-1200,

“These guys were great. I hate taking care of my pool, and now they do it for me.”



Readers’ Pick: Vince Graye Slate & Tile Roofing Co., 4709 Butler Crossing, 314-487-1819,

“He’s honest, dependable, and does great work.”


Silver Plating and Repair

Readers’ Pick: Theiss Plating, 9314 Manchester, 314-961-0600, theissplating.html

“They made our silver like new.” “No one else does what they do, and they have done it spectacularly for years.”


Stationery Designer

Readers’ Pick: Flair Designery, 8900 Ione, 314-324-5369,

“Flair Designery has beautiful, creative designs that range from trendy to classic. I ordered my wedding save-the-dates, invitations, and thank-you cards. Abby Barnett, the owner, was extremely quick to turn them around and was very professional. I custom-designed with her, but her premade designs are gorgeous, too. Her prices are very competitive as well.” “They do great work and are supereasy to work with!” “I love their designs, and I loved working with the owner, Abby.”



Readers’ Pick: H&R Upholstery, 7421 Manchester, 314-961-7017

“The owner, Horace [Rayford], is the sweetest man and will bend over backwards to meet your needs and your deadlines. They do wonderful work in both upholstering and rebuilding furniture. I have used them for both commercial and residential jobs, and my clients are always very happy with the results!”


Stationery Store

Readers’ Pick: By Alice Boutique, 5555 St. Louis Mills, 314-227-5451,

“My daughter got her wedding invitations from By Alice, and the staff was fabulous to work with… I definitely nominate them as the best invitation store in St. Louis.”


Tile Store

Editors’ Pick: ISC Surfaces, 9215 Dielman Industrial, 314- 995-9900; 1616 Woodson, 314- 432-7522,

You may remember ISC as AMC. But that was before it expanded the breadth of its offerings. Now ISC sells everything related to flooring (tile, glass, stone, metal, and natural stone). We love their Walter Zanger offerings, but we wish they sold Ann Sacks, too.



Readers’ Pick: Gomez Reupholstery, 6487 Chippewa, 314-832-8331,

“You will love Jose [Gomez]. He is so kind, so patient, and so passionate about what he does. He handles all kinds of jobs—big and small.” “I was very happy with their work.”

Readers’ Pick: Zollinger Furniture Co., 4821 Fairview, 314-832-1555,

“Their craftsmanship is exquisite, and they’re easy to work with. The company is very, very experienced—they’ve been in business more than 100 years.” “I’ve had them reupholster and make furniture for my home, and I’ve always been extremely happy. And they’re very nice.”


Wallpaper Hanger

Readers’ Pick: Kinder Wallpapering, 5831 Delor, 314-406-0332

“I have worked with Chris Kinder for more than 16 years. He is accommodating and pleasant to work with. His prices are very reasonable; his hours are flexible.”


Wallpaper Store

Editors’ Pick: The Great Cover-Up, 9708 Clayton, 314-447-0771,

If you don’t have a designer advising you, then you might want to make a quick trip to see Teddy Karl, principal and store manager of The Great Cover-Up (where the motto is “We’ve got you covered”). He can outfit your house in fabrics, but the store also carries a strong wallpaper library that’s sure to fit the bill.


Wild Animal Control

Readers’ Pick: Woods Mill Pest Control, 910 Kehrs Mill, 636-391-7003,

“Our basement was infested with possums. Only Woods Mill figured out how to get rid of them.” “They provide excellent, reasonable, and reliable service.” “The staff comes promptly and is extremely reliable.”


Window Washer

Editors’ Pick: Clear Choice Window Cleaning, 314-560-3663

They use a product that somehow keeps your windows looking crystal clear for much longer than the others do, so you don’t have to call the company often. And there is the Clear Choice guarantee: If it happens to precipitate within seven days of the initial cleaning, the company returns to redo the panes for free.

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