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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 / 3:17 PM

I Tried It: The Dailey Method

I Tried It: The Dailey Method

Barre work is an important part of The Dailey Method.


Okay, I admit it. When I read a description of The Dailey Method, I thought it sounded easy. The classes teach a “combination of barre work, core conditioning, muscle strengthening, yoga, and orthopedic exercises.”

“Piece of cake,” I thought. So I asked if I could drop in on a course at St. Louis’ The Dailey Method studio (Village at Schneithorst, 1560 S. Lindbergh Blvd, 314-569-9073,

I joined a mixed level class, which is for beginners and intermediates. Having never done The Dailey Method before, I should have started with the beginner class, Principles, because within minutes my abs were begging for mercy. The Dailey Method cleverly riffs on exercises you recognize. For instance, a common exercise for the tuckus is getting down on all fours and then lifting one leg, kicking that leg out, crossing it over the other leg, etc.

At the Daily Method you do a similar exercise but standing at the barre. The exercise not only works more muscle groups, but it also requires a zen like focus to maintain balance. You do planks but add leg lifts. Arm exercises are done with lifted legs to engage the abs.

The workouts don't require special equipment, just light weights, mats, the barre, and a strap that works out all the major muscle groups. Plus, it's safe for pregnant women.

If you want to feel long and lean and slim, this is a great—ahem—method.


There’s a 6 a.m. class each weekday, and at least one class after 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Major points for having a playroom so mommy can bring the little ones. There’s only one studio in St. Louis though. 9.5


When you first walk in, you might think it's a spa. It’s super clean with lots of white and wood. (There’s even a wall made entirely out of rocks.) Though it only includes two exercise studios, there’s also a gracious locker room with showers and towels. 10


I can’t judge this accurately because I had to reveal that I was a reporter in order to sit in on a class for free, so of course every one was very friendly, but the atmosphere seemed really welcoming and my instructor, Judy, was very nice and offered me pointers and tips as the newbie. Zero intimidation factor. 9


What a workout! I love workouts that are tough on your muscles without being hard on your joints and this delivers. You target all the major muscle groups, plus you work on balance and have to stay focused throughout. Also, don’t forget to hang from the stall bar before you leave. I did it for maybe 30 seconds and left feeling taller, better aligned, and like I could breathe better.  10


An individual class costs $20. New clients can get a three-class package for $50 and a monthly membership starts at $160 a month.


The only drawback to these classes is that you can’t try one for free. But it’s worth the $20 to give it a try. 10


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