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Tuesday, November 20, 2012 / 11:04 AM

Housing Sales Sizzle in University City

Housing Sales Sizzle in University City

With Chuck Berry rocking out in the basement of Blueberry Hill, '50s bowlers winking atop the Pin-Up Bowl, and cult classics being projected in packed theaters at the Tivoli, University City buzzes with life.

Don’t just take our word for it. In a recent report on housing prices in the St. Louis area, the median sales price of single-family homes in
U. City is up 26 percent from last year. The average price of a single-family home in U. City has reached $170,000, up from approximately $125,800.

No other district has seen such a jump this quarter. Of the 14 districts listed in the report, only half saw an increase in single-family home median sales prices, while half saw a decline. On average, the city of St. Louis saw only a 2 percent increase.

“University City continues to be the jewel of the region,” says Lehman Walker, the city manager for University City.

Walker listed the city’s strict code enforcement, as well as its central location as reasons for the housing price jump. The high price of gas, Walker said, is also a contributing factor. U. City is conveniently close to many other parts of the city, and commuters are moving there to ease their commute time.

“One of our major objectives has always been to keep University City as being one of the most livable and diverse communities in the St. Louis region and we’re happy to be achieving that,” Walker said.        

Walker said that the city hopes to continue growing its housing market.

A word to the wise: Moving to U. City may mean having FroYo within walking distance. Any money you save on gas, may just be spent on frozen yogurt.

I’d say that’s worth it, right?









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