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Tuesday, August 20, 2013 / 3:45 PM

Twin-Sized Fun: Creating a Custom Birthday Cake for 10-Year-Old Twins

Twin-Sized Fun: Creating a Custom Birthday Cake for 10-Year-Old Twins

When you have twins, birthdays are a big deal. And when they turn double digits, it’s cause for celebration!

In the past, despite my love of baking, I’ve always ordered a cake. We started off with the traditional No. 1 cake for their first birthday and have moved on from there. Cakes have ranged in theme from Blues Clues, which was very easy to find, to Super Why, which at the time was impossible to find.  

We had the year of the cookie cake, the year of the pull-apart Spongebob cupcake cake, the year of the ice-skating rink, and, my personal favorite, the year of the campfire-themed cupcakes (at left) complete with tents and pretzel campfires on top.   

My kids have come to expect greatness, and for 10, I was not wanting to disappoint. They wanted an ice-cream cake, but with a cookie bottom. We looked and didn’t find one. They don’t make those, I told them. But you could, they informed me.

I went to work. For my son, the chocoholic, I created a brownie layer base, followed by ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce, and fudge. My daughter went with a chocolate-chip cookie base, ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce, and a little more whipped cream for good measure. I wrote them messages with writing gel (not my strong suit), and they loved them.

A few tips if you try to make your own: Springform pans work well. Make the cookie layer and allow to cool completely. Add the ice cream and a layer of whipped cream. Whipped cream gives height to the cake and prevents the ice cream from melting too quickly when you cut it. Freeze completely after this stage. You can then layer based on what you like, even including candy, but allow the cake to freeze between layers. If you choose to thaw the cake, do so only for a few minutes—it melts quickly.  Cut and serve immediately.

The beauty of this cake, other than being delicious, is its custom nature. Any combination of cookie flavor and ice cream will work. It can be tailored to the person’s exact wishes and create a truly memorable birthday treat.

I may have to start thinking about triple digits now.  

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