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Thursday, August 29, 2013 / 1:35 PM

The Basement Makeover

“I’ve never been so happy to see water in my basement.”

This isn’t a statement you will hear from any responsible homeowner, but for me it was the truth.

This past spring, with all its heavy storms and loads of rain, we ended up having a very minor leak in our basement. A basement that has been bone dry the whole time we have lived here. A basement that has been on my ‘this room needs a redo’ list for years. A basement that has carpet so beat up no one is allowed down there unless you live in the house or are under the age of 10.

I took this water as a sign. It was finally time to do what I’d been talking about for years. Let’s refresh this basement!

The challenge is to get as much impact for as little money spent as possible. Because, although we all do enjoy this room, it still is mostly a playroom and it is still in a basement.

The plan is to brighten the space up, always a challenge in a subterranean environment, refresh the furniture and make the space function better for our busy famil

The timeline is six weeks. Crazy? Maybe, but the water gods have spoken. And I’ve accepted the challenge. Stick with me and see if I can get it done!

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