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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 / 8:45 AM

Get Ready For Sticker Shock, Even if the Rams Stay Mum

How much will it cost me?

None of your business.

You must have misunderstood me. You want me to pay for something, so I need to know how much it costs before I decide. So, how much is it?

None of your business.

This silly conversation could become reality if the St. Louis Rams do not give the Convention and Visitors Commission permission to release details of its proposal for Edward Jones Dome improvements.

Of course, the CVC could violate the terms of agreement with the Rams and provide the taxpayers of the region with this vital information.

Actually, my guess is that the information will somehow “leak” from the CVC, St. Louis County, or the City of St. Louis if the Rams don’t give approval.

It’s May Day, May 1. The day the Rams should provide the CVC with its plan. The franchise already turned up its nose at the CVC's $124 million refurbishing proposal. We should know today (or soon) if there is any chance that the region can fulfill its obligation to keep the Rams in a “top-tier” facility.

If that means the top 25 percent in the NFL, then it most likely won’t happen without a new stadium. The CVC knows that, and the Rams know that.

There is no need for all the secrecy. It’s time for the Rams to put the cards on the table.

I’ve been told that the Rams’ plan will be “staggering” and would have to involve public financing. Is this close to the truth? Heck if I know. But I do trust who told me this information.

Should the proposal not be made public, I will file a Freedom of Information Act request, along with many other people. Hopefully, every elected official in the region also would challenge that action as violation of the state’s Sunshine Laws.

We’ve been waiting to learn what owner Stan Kroenke will want to end speculation about moving the team to L.A. or elsewhere. As upset as many residents might be about the price tag, the reaction will only be worse if the information has to be leaked or gathered through legal challenge.

The Rams certainly proved they were brazen in the NFL Draft by picking a guy with four kids by three women, two arrests on marijuana charges and one for a bar fight. They also selected a guy that was Tazed by police during a wild party at his residence—in Montana.

But if the team thinks keeping the area in the dark about its wish list for the dome—or a new facility—will be taken lightly, it has seriously underestimated the same people that it could soon be asking for money.

That’s not good business, Stan.


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