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Tuesday, September 6, 2011 / 3:02 PM

Kid-Approved, Easy-to-Make Mexican Pizza

Kid-Approved, Easy-to-Make Mexican Pizza

In the world of food, appearance is everything--particularly when it comes to children. If it doesn’t look appealing, you can forget it.  My daughter believes that tacos fall into this category. Sure, I can put a plate full of nachos with the exact same ingredients in front of her and they will be gone, but put the items in a taco shell, and she is not going to eat it.  I’m sure Betty Draper would tell me to make her sit at the table until it was gone, but I’m passing on 1960s parenting. Instead, I’ve decided to get creative. I don’t like food fights.

Viviano’s sells pre-made thin pizza crust in their freezer section. In the past, I’ve always kept it on hand to make a last minute pizza.  Last week, though, I needed dinner quickly, and I wanted to use the turkey taco meat I had made earlier that day. Unwilling to serve nachos and unable to battle tacos, I decided to use one of the pizza crusts and see what would happen. 

I made the pizza by layering the pizza crust with refried beans, turkey taco meat, mild salsa, and a shredded cheese mixture, then put it on my pizza stone and crossed my fingers. (While it was cooking, I decided that if it was a flop, I was throwing a few jalapeño peppers on top and inviting the neighbors for margaritas and Mexican pizza appetizers—it was Monday, but at that point, I didn’t care.) 

Minutes later, I pulled it out (it was stunning) and called my kids for dinner.

“What is it?” my daughter wanted to know.

I thought quickly, “It’s a nacho pizza!” I told her.

She quickly agreed to try it when she saw her twin brother jumping up and down. Her verdict: Two thumbs up.  Looks like I may have a new family staple... as long as I don’t fold it in half.

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